Website Design in Los Angeles

Find the Best Web Designer in LA

Finding the best web designer Angeles can be a tough task. There are many companies out there that claim to be the best but our agency is plainly outscoring all the competition. We Build all of our websites with responsive design so your site will look amazing on all devices. Most people used phones for viewing so this is becoming more and more important as time goes on. Remember to always check your site every device you have before going live. The last thing you want is to hear from somebody that your web design didn’t work on the iPhone. If this is the case you are losing out on about seventy percent of potential traffic.

WordPress Development

WordPress is the the best content management system you can use because it is so dang user friendly. If you can learn to use Facebook than you can learn to use this open source technology. The internet is constantly evolving and keeping up can be tough. The great thing that this platform offers is free updates on all your themes and plugins. If you are new to Los Angeles and are looking for web design then this is the management system we recommend.


‚ÄčThere are many places you can get great mobile web design themes. Most of the themes are coded to be responsive so that saves a big potential headache. We like to use for finding new themes. They have everything, whether you are an creative agency needing to showcase your portfolio or a company needing an online shop. The also have many niched related themes. The only thing is they are such a large source that you will spend days browsing through them. Be sure to create bookmarks of you favorite ones so you can reference them later.


Most of the time you can upload your theme by clicking appearance and choosing to upload in the top left. However, sometimes installing your WordPress theme is usually an easy task but in some cases you have to go into file manager which is located in your C-panel, or by using an FTP client like File Zilla. If you are not familiar with these programs we highly recommend watching a few how to videos you can find online. The reason you are getting the upload error could be a number of things. It is either your memory allocation or max file size limit. Both of these can be configured in your PHP options panel. Be careful not to set your memory too high as it can cause problems with loading. Also it makes it much easier for your website to get hacked because they can preform multiple script functions very quickly.


Whenever you upload images to your website you want to make sure the file size is not over a megabyte. We like to keep the size around 500 kilobytes and if you have photoshop it is best to use the save for web method.

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Best Hosting

We used to use Godaddy for all of our hosting but we have started to use other hosts and have noticed major speed increase. The problem with Godaddy is the cram as many sites they can onto a server which leads to a slow first byte time. The upgrade would be going with Host Gator or Blue Host. If you can afford it the best option would be to use WP Engine hosting. These guys are the top of the line and your speed will be mega fast.


Speed is a huge factor for getting ranking online. Google has openly stated that they use this as a major deciding factor on where the site will rank. There are many ways for getting quicker speed for your website. The first thing you look at is the code within the web design. It is best to keep the code as clean as possible. The next you can do is go into your hosting panel and click optimize. Use the google page speed insights to see how your site is performing. If it still needs to be quicker you can use W3 Cache but make sure you are not using Jet Pack as there is conflicts with this plugin. If you still need more speed use a CDN network like cloud flare you can host your site for free. The bonus is that it will help with security as well. Don’t forget optimizing your images will also help tremendously.


Search engine optimization is a term used for getting your site ranked in search engines. There are many ways to achieve this and the last thing you want to do is the spam approach. This is going out there and posting links on as many comments sites as you can. Google has wised up to this and this link building could actually get you penalized. Recovering from a penalty is not easy so do yourself a favor and strategize a good white hat link building portfolio. Reach out to other blogs and ask if you can be a contributor. Use the Chrome Moz tool and find sites with high domain and page authority. These links to your website will help tremendously.

Graphic Design

Web design is a mix of art and science. The art mostly comes into graphic design. This entails how the layout of the site, fonts used, colors and much more. If you find yourself in a spot of not knowing what design route to take just browse some of the best website designs for inspiration. Don’t rip them off – just be inspired.

Los Angeles Website Design

We choose LA as the best place to call our company home. There is so much to do here and the people are amazing. The weather is another great selling point. If you are a California web designer and are thinking of making to the move to Los Angeles we highly recommend it. There are many marketing firms or agencies to choose from or you can work freelance like most of us. Good luck with your design work out there and keep on keeping on. Once you have your site built you want to stat to think about the digital marketing which we cover on another page.